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Tesla - Tesla - Tesla

We have now had our Tesla for 5 months and we love it.  Our first road trip was at the end of April and we drove it to Orlando Florida.  It was our first experience with super chargers and they are super.  We need to get more in the mid-west.  We are in kind of a desert here in Iowa.  That is why we are excited to offer a high current charger here at the Beiderbecke Inn.  If  you have a dual charger on your Tesla you can charge at 80 amps.  Not as good as a super charger but fast enough to get you along on your way.  If we are not at home there is an EV charger at City Hall at 4th street and Harrison.  Everywhere we stopped it seemed there were at least one other Tesla charging and at no time were they full, so we were able to get in and out quickly.  Perhaps not quickly enough because it seems they have them where Pam can do some shopping and she did.